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Prevocational Accreditation


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Your submission has now been sent to PMAS staff who will send an email acknowledging receipt of the submission to the email address  you provided.

General Information

  • Documents to be uploaded cannot exceed 100MB.

  • Submission Form should not contain any embedded documents as these are to be provided in the Folio List under Supporting Documents.

  • The Folio List should included all evidence/supporting documentation in the form of embedded documents with the title of the document reflected on the embedded document and in the Submission Form.

  • Should the Folio List exceed the maximum uploading limit of 100MB, a new Folio List will need to be created as a further document to be uploaded. The extra folio list should continue on with the numbering from the previous folio.

  • A maximum of 700MB may be uploaded (100MB per uploaded attachment) on the one accreditation submission. Should you wish to submit additional documents you will need to make a second accreditation submission with the provision of information within the comments field linking the two submissions e.g. Part 1 Submission and Part 2 Submission).

For any assistance or technical issues when submitting this Survey Event Form please contact PMAS Staff on (08) 8999 2832.                      

Select the appropriate prevocational training provider from the drop down menu.

Select the facility/s that your submission relates to. Please note that more than one option may be selected.

Provide the name, telephone number and email address of the most appropriate person within your prevocational training provider in relation to this submission. Note that these contact details will be used by PMAS staff for enquiries/clarifications required by the survey team.

Select the appropriate survey event that this submission relates to. The submission may include more than one location e.g. the primary allocation centre as well as an offsite or modified unit request.

Under the heading ' Submission Form' Click on the "upload attachment" button and select your survey event form to upload.

Under the heading 'Supporting Documents' Click on the "upload attachment" button and select your supporting document/evidence to be uploaded. A grey loading bar will appear while uploading documents which will then change to the title of the document you selected to upload. Consideration of titling should be given when uploading.

Once you have uploaded all your documents click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.

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