Governance of METC

The METC operates under a governance model that uses the following characteristics of good governance.


  • Participation: providing all with a voice in decision-making

  • Transparency: built on the free flow of information

  • Responsiveness: of institutions and processes to stakeholders

  • Consensus orientation: differing interests are mediated to reach a broad consensus on what is in the general interest

  • Equity: everyone has an opportunity to become involved

  • Effectiveness and efficiency: processes and institutions produce results that meet needs while making the best use of resources

  • Accountability: of decision-makers to stakeholders

  • Strategic vision: leaders and the public have a broad and long-term perspective on good governance and human development, along with a sense of what is needed for such development. There is also an understanding of the historical, cultural and social complexities in which that perspective is grounded. 

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