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The aims of the NT JMO Forum were set out at the first Forum in 2008 and have been reviewed since then by the 2018/19 NTJMOF and are as follows.


  • Facilitate discussion regarding JMO safety, education, training and supervision between JMO representatives from across the Northern Territory

  • Work collaboratively and in partnership with the PMAS, hospital administration and NT government along with other stakeholders to address issues affecting junior doctors and assist in planning for the future.

  • Ensure collaborative Territory wide approach to advocacy and change for junior doctors

  • Ensure representation for JMOs at the Territory level and at National meetings such as National JMO Forum and Council of Doctors in Training

  • The Forum will represent and advocate for International medical graduates representatives who comprise 33% of the NT workforce. Medical students who are currently studying through the NT Medical Program will be invited to participate in the Forum.

Terms of Reference

Elected Members

Chair                          Dr Dayna Duncan                                         

Deputy  Chair             Vacant

Secretariat                    TBC

Medical Student        Jahan Barr, Flinders University Darwin

PGY1                               Dr Rhiannon Oakhill-Steel TERHS

PGY2                              Dr Cassandra Byers CARHS

IMG                                 Dr Gurleen Kaur TERHS

All JMOs, medical students and Registrars are welcome to join meetings. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the elected members above for more information regarding the NTJMOF

Meeting Frequency
At least 4 times per year - prior to the national AJMOC meetings

Next Meeting Date
Is to be confirmed.

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