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Our Committees, Panels & Forums

The governance of the Prevocational Medical Assurance Services (including prevocational accreditation services) are supported by the following forum/panel/committee structure:​

  • Junior Medical Officer Forum (JMOF) - independent committee, established to provide advice to the committee/panel on any aspect of their functions from a prevocational doctor perspective.

  • Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC) - will reflect the direction and needs of the Medical Board of Australia in relation to registration requirements for PGY1 and PGY2 doctors in the Northern Territory. A further role is to advocate for prevocational doctors and IMG’s education and training opportunities through the implementation of accreditation standards.

  • Prevocational Accreditation Panel (PAP) - considers prevocational accreditation survey team findings and endorse/not endorse survey team report recommendations, including the recommended period of accreditation that should be granted (max 4yrs) for the PAC to consider and make the final accreditation decision.


The governance of the prevocational accreditation service is managed by the panel and committee listed below  with no undue influence from the other functions of PMAS.

Accreditation support staff provide secretariat to the committee and panel as required.

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