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Our Committees, Panels & Forums

The governance of the Prevocational Medical Assurance Services (not including Prevocational Accreditation Services) are supported by the following committee/forum structure:


  • Governance Committee (GC)

  • Junior Medical Officer Forum (JMOF)


The governance of the Prevocational Accreditation Service is managed by the panel and committee listed below  with no undue influence from the other functions of PMAS.


Accreditation Support staff provide secretariat to the Committees and Panel as required.



Governance Committee (GC)

The Governance Committee is responsible for providing advice and strategic direction on Prevocational application processes that lead to prevocational recruitment and prevocational workforce issues, education and training in the Northern Territory.


Meeting frequency - three times per year.


Terms of Reference & Membership


Junior Medical Officer Forum (JMOF)

The JMOF was established and promoted as an independent committee established to provide advice to the Governance Committee and other Committees/Panels on any aspect of those Committee’s functions from a prevocational medical officer perspective. Work has commenced to re-establish the NT JMOF as a NT trainee network.


Meeting frequency – to be advised by the NT JMOF secretariat


Terms of Reference & Membership

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Committee and Panel Handbook

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