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Current Members

Governance Committee (GC)


Mr Stephen Pincus  (Chair)                                                    Chief Executive Officer, NT General Practice Education (NTGPE)

Ms Joanne Norton (Deputy Chair)                                         Executive Director, People and Organisational Capability, NT Department of Health

Dr Hugh Heggie                                                                     Chief Health Officer, NT Department of Health

Dr Samuel Goodwin                                                               Executive Director of Medical & Clinical Services, Alice Springs Hospital, CAHS 

Dr Alison MacLean                                                                 Director of Medical Services, Royal Darwin Hospital, TEHS

Dr Tamsin Cockayne                                                              Executive Manager, Clinical, NT Primary Health Network (NTPHN)

Associate Professor Tina Noutsos                                         Course Director, NT Medical Program, Flinders University NT Campus

Mrs Jill Huck                                                                           Community Representative

Dr William Majoni                                                                   Clinical Dean, NT Medical Program, TEHS/CAHS Representative           

Dr Hayden Cain                                                                      Chair, NT Junior Medical Officer Forum (NTJMOF)

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