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NT METC Submission to the AMC 2016

NT Accrediting Authority - METC - 2016 Submission for Assessment against the Australian Medical Council Domains for assessing intern accrediation authorities.

Please be aware  some appendices are 'Not Available' due to confidentiality and security reasons. To access the remaining embedded appendices within each Domain document you will need to  'enable editing' when the document is initially opened.

Embedded supporting documents open in both the Domain and Appendix List.

Cover, Contact Information and NT Overview

Appendix List

Submission Appendices - Modified version

Domain 1

Domain 2

Domain 1 - Governance - Modified version

Domain 2 - Independence - Modified version

Domain 3

Domain 4

Domain 3 - Operational Management - Modified version

Domain 4 - Process for accreditation of intern training programs

Modified version

Domain 5

Domain 5 - Stakeholder Collaboration - Modified version

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