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Terms of Reference & Membership

Governance Committee (GC)

The Terms of Reference of the PMAS Governance Committee are to:


  1. Provide advice and strategic direction to the PMAS in relation to education, training and accreditation in the NT, prevocational workforce issues, and the medical Intern application process;

  2. Risk management oversight;

  3. Provide advice and direction on prevocational matters raised both locally and nationally;

  4. Support and actively encourage innovation in medical education and training;

  5. Assist with establishment, maintenance and promotion of partnerships with relevant local and national organisations;

  6. Consider feedback from prevocational doctors about relevant matters including patient safety issues and provide advice and opinion to assist, support and develop postgraduate recruitment, education and training, health and welfare of prevocational medical staff;

  7. Manage conflict resolution and Prevocational Accreditation and Northern Territory Medical Program Appeals as well as establishing an Appeals Committee on a case by case basis. 



The Governance Committee will comprise of at least ten members. At least one member is to be a community/consumer member and one an indigenous doctor where available.


In making appointments to the Governance Committee, regard will be made to ensure appointees have an appropriate balance of skill, qualifications or experience as appropriate to the functions of the GC.


For membership appointments to the GC, the Chair of the GC will ensure, as far as practicable, that:


  1. Metropolitan, rural and remote issues will be adequately represented; and

  2. A range of perspectives, including that of

    1. senior management;

    2. medical management;

    3. medical education and training; and

    4. a representative of view of Northern Territory health service consumers.



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