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NT PMAS Submission to the AMC 2024

The Northern Territory Prevocational Medical Assurance Services (NT PMAS) is accredited as the NT Prevocational Training Accreditation Authority by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Medical Board of Australia. AMC accreditation recognises prevocational training programs that promote and protect the quality and safety of patient care, and meet the needs of prevocational doctors and the health service as a whole. This is achieved through setting standards for prevocational training programs and recognising prevocational training accreditation authorities that assess programs against these standards.

With the NT PMAS accreditation status due to expire in March 2025, the AMC has commenced the full assessment process which includes the requirement for NT PMAS to submit an accreditation submission addressing the AMC's domains for assessing and accrediting prevocational training accreditation authorities. The submission forms the basis of the assessment and the AMC supplements this with information and evidence gathered during the assessment process.

NT PMAS Submission

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